"All the adversity I've had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me... You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you."
Walt Disney

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have decided like so many others to take my blog private.  With all the news media out there scaring the crap out of me I think it will be a good move.  If you would like to view my new blog please email me your email address. 



John and Nicole Makoni said...

Your girls have gotten so big esp Drea...what a cutie pie. Looks like the birthdays were lots of fun. I hope all is well. Miss you. I don't even know how to make my blog private. jmakoni@yahoo.com

John and Nicole Makoni said...

I'm so sorry we did go to the zoo!! The tigers weren't there to eat the girls...that will always be such a funny memory. How are you? We need to catch up!

Brittany said...

Add us for sure